Company Profile

At Poly Logic Plastics we work with our customers to create Logical Packaging Solutions that work for their business.    

Poly Logic Plastics is 100% New Zealand owned and operated. With over 35 years total experience in plastics blown film manufacturing, Poly Logic Plastics prides itself on producing only quality product with a solution focused approach to meeting customer needs. 

Our New Zealand manufactured product range is regularly updated and expanded as we source and develop new products based on customer feedback. We are fully committed to recycling, with over 99% of our produced waste being sent for recycling back to resin (re – used in a portion of our product range), and our products are soft plastic recyclable, and multi use friendly.

We are always willing to discuss individual customer needs and support development of custom orders. View our product range 

The majority of our quality packaging products are manufactured** at our factory in Auckland and include:
pb-95         stretch rolls         poly bags         polytubing

Planter Bags          Film Wrap         Plastic Bags          Poly Tubing  

DSC_0942   plastic sheeting          Heavy-Duty-Plastic-Bags 

   Tree Guards          Sheet Plastic       Custom Bags

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For experience, quality and logical solutions, choose Poly Logic Plastics!

** we provide a limited range of imported products to augment our manufactured range in order to meet customer needs. eg pallet wrap.