Custom Made

n2Here at Poly Logic Plastics we thrive on a challenge and have had the opportunity to support some great innovation in custom made packaging for our customers. See our Innovations page.

At Poly Logic Plastics we often find that each customer’s product and purpose is unique. It is not uncommon for a customer that has been using bulk bags for many years to consider a slightly different design or introduce a color component that may be better suited for their requirements. Whatever the case may be, Poly Logic Plastics can work with you to identify the best bag for your needs and support you to understand the reality of your packaging requirements.

Although it may seem that a ‘bag is just a bag,’ there are a variety of factors to consider.  Transport method, storing facilities, and product specifications are just some of the variables that can have an impact when considering the most suitable bag.  Our design team’s goal is simple: work with our customers to achieve the most cost effective and safe product for their packaging needs.

As your company’s processes change, so will your packaging demands.  We strive to forge long term relationships with our customers, so that we can adapt our products to their business.  Although the bag may change, our commitment to an ongoing design and consultative service will not.

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