polytubingPoly Logic Plastics Limited polytubing ( plastic film on roll) is a high quality NZ manufactured polyethylene film. We manufacture the polytubing to a high quality for a large variety of industries, taking into account the need for puncture resistance and product protection and containment. This product is ideal for packaging small, odd shaped, medium sized or extra long products and is available in any colour. Just open it up and slide your item into the tube, then seal the ends. Some sizes we can provide stock items of for our regular customers.

We can custom manufacture in various width’s from 100mm to 690mm and various thicknesses from 30mu to 250mu. 

There are 2 styles – layflat polytubing and gusseted polytubing.                                                                                                    

Cut to suit your requirements in bag length. Can be Heat Sealed, Tied, Stapled or Taped Shut.

Cost is from $4.45 per Kg*  (clear) – length of rolls will depend on thickness required.

Cost is from $4.95 per Kg*  (white) – length of rolls will depend on thickness required.

*price dependent on quantities ordered

Contact us to discuss your specific needs and obtain a quote. With our expertise in plastic packaging requirements that are solution focused for our customers, we can support effective decision making in plastic packaging solutions,whilst maximising cost efficiency.

See below for types that we can produce.

Poly Tubing               Gusseted-Tubing-75px

PolyTubing                    Gusseted

How to Get the Correct Measurement of Poly Tubing to Fit a Product

Poly tubing is sold by lay flat width x length in metres. It is important to remember  this is the “lay flat” measurement and not the “diameter” of the tubing when opened fully. To calculate the correct flat width of poly tubing needed to cover your product, there are two easy ways to determine the right answer.

  1. Diameter method if your product is square, non uniform or oddly shaped. E.g. golf clubs, battery chargers, cell phones, nail polish bottles and anything that is oddly shaped.
  2. Circumference measuring is used when a product is mostly round to oval shaped. E.g. travel coffee mugs, baseball bats or even belt buckles.

circumferenceTo work out what Lay Flat Polytubing measurements you may need to match a certain Diameter –

3.14 (Pye)times Diameter = Circumference divided by 2  = Lay Flat measurement needed.


If you need some tubing with a 300mm Diameter then 3.14 (Pye) x 300 = 942mm (circumference) / 2 = 471mm LayFlat

or contact us for further advice.