Tree Guards- plastic sleeve plant protection

Tree guards and spray guards are an excellent option for plant protection including tree protection and seedling protection from sprays, wind, frosts, and pests such as rabbits, pukekos and believe it or not – pigs!

At Poly Logic Plastics we manufacture this versatile plastic film sleeve to act as root stock guards (our smallest size ‘Mini Guards” without ventilation holes), small and large size tree guards and protectors (with ventilation holes), spray guards, and general plant pest protectors, to allow for air flow and accommodate smaller and larger sized vulnerable trees and shrubs.

These tree, seedling and shrub plastic film protection guards are an efficient and economical choice of protection from sprays, pests and winds. This product is long lasting, durable and effective with UV protection. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Our happy and satisfied customers report that it does the job it is designed to do and more. One customer feedback focused on two aspects new to us. 1: the micro-climate extending the growing season of the plant (including frost protection) and 2: it was deterring wild pigs from rooting around the base of the plants, opting to root around the plastic edge instead! While this wouldn’t be a product guarantee of course – it does add another dimension for our marketing!

The sleeves come in 3 sizes in a fresh green color as shown*See or New Size below!

DSC_0744DSC_0938Small Tree Guard Sleeves (180x180x460h- UV Treated/gusseted design); Total circumference = 720mm/72cm. 600 sleeves per box/100 sleeves per sub-pack

IMG_4740DSC_0934Large Tree Guard sleeves (300x300x550h – UV treated/gusseted design); Total circumference = 1200mm/120cm. 300 sleeves per box/50 sleeves per sub-pack.

Mini Tree Guards. Dimensions 400mm ht x 150mm layflat x 150mu.   Available in packs of 100 and cartons of 1000 (10 packs per carton).



Support the sleeves with bamboo stakes. Wooden stakes may be more suitable for severe wind areas (Poly Logic Plastics does not supply stakes).

The Small and large guards are ventilated with punch holes.

Suitable for soft plastic recycling, and are re-useable. Can be split and stapled/taped.

These are a stock item manufactured by Poly Logic Plastics to the highest quality, price on request.

If this product isn’t quite what you are after, here at Poly Logic Plastics Ltd we specialize in solution focused manufacturing to custom requirements, so don’t hesitate to contact us to discuss and explore other options similar to this product.

*Photographs may differ slightly in color with sunlight effect. Sleeves may differ only very slightly in color from batch to batch.