Hand & Machine Pallet Wrap

Cast Hand Wrap                                                                                                 

stretch rollsWe supply 9 layer Stretch Film which is the ideal packaging Solution.

Our carefully selected suppliers production line is capable of producing Hand Rolls, Machine Rolls and Jumbo Rolls for the requirement of various Industries. They have been carefully formulated to provide great strength, durability, versatility and low maintenance. The product is most suitable for pallet wrapping and packaging of Industrial Products.

The cast process generally produces a stretch film with characteristics superior to that of a stretch film made by a blown process. Casting of film provides more uniform gauge, better cling, and greater percentages of stretch than blown film. Cast film is superior to blown film in tear strength in the machine or transverse direction, which aids in the prevention of tear propagation. Cast Wrap is much quieter when coming off the roll. Our stretch is made from LLDPE Virgin Material.


  • Even Thickness
  • High Clarity and High Gloss
  • High Tensile Strength
  • High stress retention to maintain holding grip on load.
  • Resistant against punctures and tears.
  • Good cling properties
  • Compliance with RoHS requirement.

Rolls Sizes in Stock

500mm x 400mtrs x 23mu
500mm x 400mtrs x 17mu

4 rolls per carton

Please contact us if you have a need for a specific roll size.

Cast Machine Wrap

machine wrap

Machine Stretch Wrap film offers optimum load-holding force and unrivaled puncture resistance.

Rolls Available

500mm x 1500mtrs x 23mu
500mm x 1630mtrs x 20mu

500mm x 750mtrs x 50mu

1 roll per carton

Please contact us if you have a need for a specific roll size or other color options.